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It really helps! Please email us at support tenpercent. Follow us on Twitter: 10percent, Facebook: tenpercenthappier, Instagram: tenpercenthappier. It's true. And there's research to prove it. A study out of Stanford University found that multitaskers— those who work with several streams of information at once—fall short at attention tasks, memory tasks, and completing tasks. Not only that, according to that same research, people who think they're great multitaskers actually score worse on multitasking trials than the rest of us.

There is some bright side: some recent research suggests that it can sometimes boost creativity. In other words, the more people multitask, the worse they are at. So multitasking is bad. But why? The prefrontal cortex does a lot of stuff, but one of its primary responsibilities is helping you direct attention. Now, the prefrontal cortex has a left side and a right side.

And both those sides talk to each other, and talk to the rest of your brain. When you concentrate on a single task, the paired sides of your prefrontal cortex can work together like two trained dancers in a beautiful waltz. But when you do different things—like texting and driving, or emailing while writing a report—the left and right sides of your prefrontal cortex have to split: the left side works on one thing, the right side works on another. Neither task gets the attention it needs.

And we end up with car accidents and bad reports. Worse still, though, is that the more we multitask, the more we train the brain to be a scattered mess…. Admit it.


I find this program to be rich with workable options and opportunities to learn about and manage, bit by bit my mind and entrenched mental habits. It is not about stopping thought. Social media is gasoline. Anything else requires trust. You have to build engagement. Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you. Relationships are built on trust.

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Trust drives revenue. Build relationships. Content marketing is showing the world you are one. It is the hottest trend in marketing because it is the biggest gap between what buyers want and brands produce. People read what interests them. McQuerrey goes on with saying that if situations go on, there should be a meeting held where management mediates the people who gossip.

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It is also important to follow up with your policy and give warnings about the consequences. Employees may be unaware of how their actions impact their coworkers, bringing in a behavioral expert into your business is usually a positive reinforcement when there's nothing else you can do. Being able to not only control your emotions, but gauge the emotions of those around you and effectively influence them is imperative to success in the workplace.

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This indicates that stress reduction and health protection could be achieved not only by decreasing work demands stressors , but also by increasing the personal resources of employees, including emotional intelligence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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