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Moss for taking the wherewithal to step out of the box and show a different side of his writing. Reviewed by LeonaR Mar 25, Merissa Racine rated it liked it. I just finished listening to this book. Jackson's voice was one of the main reasons I kept listening. The book wasn't a traditional who-dun-it. It took a while to get flowing. I liked that when I thought it was over there was another twist. I did catch a couple of mistakes, and that always takes me out of a story. Sep 15, Carol Hornsby-mccoy rated it really liked it. May 11, Bev rated it it was amazing. Great biblical principles reinforced and a great storyline.

I appreciated the writing style. And I have not previously read any other book addressing this subject matter. I read the book in one day. Looking forward to reading more books by this author. Great book I enjoyed reading this book.


Good characters and strong story line. Looking forward to more! Refreshing and thought provoking Christian themed book. I even enjoyed the preaching scenes also. Sep 14, Reader's Paradise rated it it was amazing Shelves: review.

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Prepare yourself readers for the cleanup Minister Nicodemus Dungy. The book opens in West Virginia at Rev. Swagger' church where Minister Dungy is on his way to take care of yet another church mess, this time involving snake handling and a little boy. From one church to the next Minister Dungy walks in and cleans up the mess for a fee, but not everything has a price tag attached to it, which Dungy and a very influential client quickly finds out. Moss did a wonderful job with this story, which spo Prepare yourself readers for the cleanup Minister Nicodemus Dungy.

Moss did a wonderful job with this story, which spotlights problems in the church and within its congregants. Walking through the story with Minister Dungy I kept thinking sometimes we start things for good reasons, but when we stay longer than expected it's time to rethink our reasons why.


As he instructed the Corinthian believers to not go to court against one another these pastors were obedient to that word and took care of their own. May 26, Sheryl Boyce rated it really liked it. I enjoyed reading this book. Minister Nic Dungy is the main character,but i couldn't understand why he called himself a minister until further in the book. He is really an undercover problem solver to ministers' sin.

He came in and made their wrongs right. The last case he works on allowed him to really get back in touch with God. He was asked to do bible study one night and then preach the sunday service. He allowed God to pour into him again;when he was only used to pouring into others.

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Plus h I enjoyed reading this book. Plus he met a woman that made him feel good to be in her presence. That job made an impact on his life to where he didn't want to solve problems for others any more and he focused on his happiness. Jun 02, Mary rated it liked it Shelves: kindle.

I loved that the story didn't come across as preachy yet it showed pastors as actual people that mess up. I did have a problem with the lack of background information on Minister Dungy.

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I just felt as though something was missing. Dec 14, Jil Ross rated it really liked it. The story, although it started out a bit slow to me.

Man falls to his death after son-in-law opens elevator doors early

I ended up really liking the main character. He had a moral base and was not a 'super hero' type. That the main character decided to take a relationship slow and not appear sleazy or out for self, was applaudable.

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Apr 23, Adrian Lee rated it really liked it. Karma and secrets are something else Her closest relationship is with Whisper A sense of sadness permeates the novel, from Kamal's gritty look at Detroit and unflinching look at Vancouver's neighborhoods to the flawed characters. Yet Kamal also injects a sense of hope and closure for Nora, and Whisper, and makes readers root for their future. Rave Kirkus. When a man approaches her claiming to have served with her father, Samuel, in Lebanon Although not as bloody as the first book, this installment is no less compelling or gritty, and Nora, who remains as prickly and conflicted as ever, finds danger everywhere she goes.

Kamal laces her narrative with a palpable melancholy, effectively capturing the urban decay of Detroit while emphasizing the vibrancy and hope of the people who inhabit it. Mixed Publishers Weekly. Grave Importance. Fall; Or, Dodge in Hell. Get the Book Marks Bulletin Email address:.

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