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December 13, - Published on Amazon. Even an intermediate student, in an art class, would struggle with this text. You are not given clear instructions, you are just given expertly rendered pictures that if you are a beginner you have no chance at all of duplicating.

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I should have known it was a loser when it started out teaching you to draw a coffee cup without telling you you should have a coffee cup in front of you to draw. You were meant to just follow their exceedingly difficult instructions that leave you frustrated, demoralized, and ready to put down your pencil forever. Shame on these people for putting this book out, just to make themselves feel like hot shot artists and leave the rest of us in the dust.

I'm an absolute beginner, I believe I can learn to draw, but not with this poorly done book. To say it is for absolute beginners and the title is misleading to the point of being false advertising. I feel cheated. These people are dishonest. I wish them well in their Rembrandt quality art that no beginner has a prayer of duplicating.

January 11, - Published on Amazon. Not for the beginner. Preferably two. Also, it has too much information about tools in the intro. An absolute beginner only needs paper, pencil, and instruction about drawing free hand. Circles, lines, squares This book skips sooooo many steps!!

Watercolor Painting for Absolute Beginner

My husband wants to learn to draw and I got this book, trusting the title. Never again!! Read the reviews! He cannot draw from this book any more than he can explain particle physics. And I'm not going to be his teacher I'll be reading reviews from now on. Mark Willenbrink. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide.

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New Releases. Notify me. Description Start painting today - it's easier than you think! If you've ever dreamed of painting in watercolor, this is the book for you.

It's designed to help you start experiencing the joy of watercolor immediately - even if you've never picked up a brush. Mark and Mary Willenbrink provide all the guidance and encouragement you need. Their painting techniques, tips and tricks help make every step you take a success, from selecting colors to designing a composition.

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