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There are a number of excellent reasons to consider electronic drum options. For apartment dwellers, electronic kits help keep the peace with your neighbors, as the volume can be turned lower than even a fairly light touch on an acoustic kit can offer. And by plugging in headphones not only can you eliminate most of the noise but many kits will allow you to run music directly through the kit so you can play along with your favorite tunes. In terms of sound, contemporary electronic kits offer many more options than their antiquated cousins. Most electronic options can be programmed to sound indistinguishable from acoustic drums.

Additionally, for those looking to go deep into the options, many electronic drums can offer customization options to enable the creation of your own unique sounds. If you can afford an acoustic kit, chances are you can afford an electronic kit. And the customization options mean that for the price of one kit, you have access to a larger variety of sounds. The first question that anyone looking to get into electronics needs to ask is: Pads, triggers, or drum machines? Drum pads are designed to be struck with a stick or mallet like an acoustic drum.

The playing surface is connected to a sensor which signals the sound module to produce a pre-programmed sound or effect. Often drum pads are designed to look and function like an acoustic kit, with pads for bass drum, snare, toms, and cymbals. The key advantage to these drums is that they provide a familiar playing area for acoustic drummers looking for something new to hit. One consideration for those leaning toward a pad-based set up is whether to invest in rubber or mesh heads.

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Media Photos Videos. Tour Up Coming Shows. The administration has been trying to defend the program, but its talking points are once again falling apart. From to , Gina Haspel was a senior official overseeing a top-secret C. In , Haspel was among the C.

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Female genital mutilation FGM has been criminalised in Georgia following an IWPR investigation that revealed the practice was ongoing in an area in the east of the country. There are now 41 men left, only 10 of whom have been charged with a crime. The rest are facing indefinite detention in the Trump administration — including five detainees who have already been cleared for release by a panel of national security officials.

He forced himself on me. I was crying. Keep your mouth shut. She says she was just 12 years old when her parents sold her into a forced marriage with a man from Oman. He was aged I had a childishness in me. The FCC also rescinded several other Wheeler-era reports and actions. Past attacks tried to lure users into opening and playing DRM-protected files. Nicholas Burge says that legal action against the operators of pirate sites must be supported by ISPs bearing responsibility for hosting them.

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The Copyright Office, and those who lead it, should serve the public as a whole, not just major media and entertainment companies. If Congress restructures the Copyright Office, it has to put in safeguards against the agency becoming nothing more than a cheerleader for large corporate copyright holders. In December, after more than three years of hearings and discussions on copyright law, House Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte, and ranking Democrat John Conyers released their first suggestions for possible changes to copyright law in a short whitepaper [PDF]. In case you missed it, the U.

Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit handed yet another crushing defeat to the adult website and serial copyright litigant Perfect 10, this time in its lawsuit against Usenet access provider Giganews. It was interesting to sit in a court of law for the first time in my life. Derrik Diener today said that a lot of Mac users jumped ship recently and he has some Linux suggestions for them. Adam Shepherd shared his list of best distributions for desktop users, enterprise servers, and security buffs.

Most of his picks are very familiar. In case you missed it, LibreOffice 5. I do right things, good, I do something wrong, an opportunity to learn and hopefully learn from my mistakes. In either case, one of the most forgiving kind of system to learn and hack on. Yep, Chromebooks. Google announced that all models will run Android apps. In late Apple released a new Macbook that they stated would be everything everyone wanted.

People found themselves needing to use dongles for everything, even SD card readers. As a result of all this, Linux PC manufacturer System76 reported getting the highest amount of Mac switchers in its history. Longtime users are starting to get fed up with Apple from the way they force everyone to use dongles, to their amateur file system, to the way their operating system takes away advanced functions longtime users are used to using.

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Hey folks! Here is the new year of As a new year comes we all are excited to know what is new in the world of Linux. Whether you are a newbie or a regular user we want to know which are the best and awesome distro for this year to have a new experience. So Here am I who is gonna help you to see and choose the best Linux distro to try in My base of selection of OS will depend on updates, stability, standout features so that my readers can get the best experience without any problem. Jiri Slaby is announcing the release of the 70th maintenance update to the long-term supported Linux 3.

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  4. It also means that OS vendors need to adopt the Linux 4. Arch Linux and Solus are already powered by Linux kernel 4. Immediately after announcing the availability of Linux kernel 4. The oVirt project has announced their major v4. Earlier this week we reported that Vivaldi 1. And now, Vivaldi Snapshot 1. This newer additions has some improved graphics and new audio tracks, the previous version was not available for Linux. Linux users will be able to enjoy Full Throttle Remastered this year, but not until after the Windows version has released. Feral Interactive, the veritable heroes of Mac and Linux gaming, confirm a Dirt Rally Linux version, releasing next month.

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    Codemasters recently announced that Dirt 4 is in the advanced stages of development, with a launch date set for June. Today Plasma 5. With it comes the return of global menus along with other awesome sauce features. To enable global menus open System Settings, go into the Application Style category, and in the Widget Style settings you will find a tab called Fine Tuning. On this tab you can find the new Menubar options.

    You can change to either a Title Bar Button, which will tuck the menu into a tiny button into the window decoration bar at the top, or the Application Menu widget, allowing the associated Plasma panel to supply the menu in a fixed location. Ready to give your old computer a new lease on life?

    Instead, install a new operating system and put it back into the rotation. Deploy it and your old desktop or laptop will feel very much like new. There are literally hundreds of them, all with similar underpinnings but often vastly different user interfaces, application bundles, update frequency, support options and so on. So how do you pick? Calculate Linux developer Alexander Tratsevskiy announced today, February 2, , the general availability of an official Cinnamon edition of his Gentoo-based Calculate Linux 17 operating system.

    This is our first post in and looks like we must start apologizing. In our previous post we promised news about this blog, but the administrative part slowed us down and the surprise is still not ready. On the bright side, we have quite some news about YaST. Red Hat added the partnership will facilitate research, incubated projects and fellowship and internship programs for students and visiting scientists as part of efforts to integrate academic research and with open source technology. If you run Debian or one of its derivatives like Linux Mint or Ubuntu, sooner or later you come across apt-get and dpkg, the main commands for package management.

    However, these are only the most common Debian package tools.

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    Over the years, Debian has evolved literally dozens of scripts and tools to make installing and configuring packages easier. Many of these scripts and tools aid in creating packages. However, many are useful for everyday users, too.