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The night shift : real life in the heart of the ER

Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Brian Goldman is both an emergency room physician at Mount Sinai and a prominent medical journalist. We meet the kinds of patients who walk into an ER after midnight: late-night revellers injured on their way home after last call, teens assaulted in the streets by other teens and a woman who punches another woman out of jealousy over a man. He suffered from PTSD where he resorted to fighting, drinking, and gambling to relieve him of his stresses.

Real Life in the Heart of the E.R.

His then longtime girlfriend, Jordan , helped him cope and push through his struggles. In the first episode of season one, we see TC in a jail cell, having been arrested for having another drunken fight. He gets out and travels back to San Antonio when he sees that there has been an accident.

Clearing The Air: The Truth About Airborne Particle Pollution and Your Health

He pulls over to help the paramedics and sees that the victim has a chunk of wood coming out of his chest. TC safely removes the wood and travels back to the hospital with the paramedics.

Dr. Brian Goldman On Patient Safety

He is scolded by Ragosa as he performed such a dangerous thing in the field, and the hospital could have been open to a lawsuit if anything had gone wrong. TC apologizes for how he acted in the past. Jordan says they were always friends and things were feeling good between them again.

In an impulsive moment TC kisses Jordan and she doesn't push away until they are interrupted by Kenny. Kenny tells them that Ragosa wants to see them in the ER.

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It seems Scott may have found out that something happened with TC. Topher tells TC to leave Jordan alone. As she leaves everyone outside has heard including TC and Jordan. TC tries to help her but she calls him out on the fact that he and Jordan have unresolved feelings.

Dr. Brian Goldman On Patient Safety

TC and Jordan kiss in the break room and TC goes over to Jordan's apartment to talk about the kiss and Jordan gives him a ride to work and Scott finds out and Jordan tells him she gave TC a ride to work because his motorcycle was in the shop. When TC is gone Jordan has a stroke because of the pregnancy and loses the baby. When Jordan wakes up from the coma the miscarriage put her in, TC proposes, but Jordan declines and they break up.

TC and Jordan have broken up but still have to work together which makes it awkward, but pull through after a helicopter ride to a scene.

ER Nurse Night Shift Adjustment

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