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Pros: Great for phonics Cons: Not a fan of the math. Starfall Review by Sally Hill. December 19, Pros: A lot of really really good content Cons: The progression organization of the site. Starfall Review by Jennifer A Bhunpaen. October 3, Pros: Easily to follow Cons: Geared toward classroom, difficult to adjust to homeschool. Starfall Review by Deborah merkin. July 6, Pros: Typical k school type curriculum your child should be reading well by the end of the year covers science history nice books cute stuffed animals Cons: Very classroom centered around a group when i bought it it was close to not a good program for struggling readers.

Starfall Review by Beth. March 5, Pros: Free, fun, great way to add some extra reading practice Cons: Not sure little people need to be on the computer. Starfall Review by Wendy. March 2, Pros: Great early learning site! Cons: Very easy to play and not read. Starfall Review by Tenessa Porterfield. February 24, Pros: easy, fun, kids love it Cons: Too easy to just do the interactive stuff without actually reading any words. Starfall Review by Nadja Nehring. February 23, Pros: fun and easy to use Cons: some things can be done without understanding them on the site. Starfall Review by Chrissy.

Starfall Review by Cendi. February 17, Starfall Review by Mary. February 16, Pros: Free; fun; memorable learning songs Cons: Too much sight reading. Starfall Review by Derina. Starfall Review by Tessa Boulter. February 13, Pros: Easy, interactive independent study time for pre-readers Grades Used: PreK-K My daughter and I discovered this site when she was 3 and still enjoys it at the age of 6.

At Starfall, children have fun while they learn.

Starfall Review by Betty. June 21, Pros: Free, excellent phonics program Cons: None.

Starfall Review by Lois Tebo. November 10, Pros: fun independent time on computer Cons: none. Starfall Review by Dianne. Starfall Review by Sharon Webb. Starfall Review by Andrea Halstead. November 9, Pros: My kids love it Cons: just sitting there watching things. Starfall Review by Alma Torres. November 8, Pros: easy, fun and FREE! Cons: Only for younger children. My boys loved using this. Great for learning early phonics. I totally recommend Starfall. Starfall Review by Jackie. November 6, Pros: very easy to use, interactive, fun Grades Used: Pre-K I use this website for my 2 year to learn his letters.

Starfall Review by Maree. Pros: Free! Starfall Review by Jamie. Pros: fun, easy to use site, keeps child's attention Grades Used: Preschool-Third grade We love starfall. Starfall Review by Lisa. Starfall Review by Tiffani Crews. November 5, Pros: easy access online, fun, colorful Grades Used: 1st Free, fun and full of action.

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Starfall Review by Tammy McNair. Starfall Review by LaRee. Starfall Review by connie newman.

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Pros: it was easy to use Cons: didnt do older kids. Starfall Review by Peaches Tyson. Pros: fun and easy to use Cons: none. Although Starfall is primarily for Prek-k, it can be used for grades for the lower students. Starfall Review by Molly Lemen. Pros: free, easy to use, fun Cons: lots of computer time, hard if can't use a mouse well.

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  7. Starfall Review by Trish Lemar. Pros: free My daughter loved using this. Starfall Review by Olivia. Pros: easy for kids, fun, safe Cons: doesn't want to get off. Starfall Review by Linda Hargraves. Pros: Fun and effective with many levels of learning Cons: Need computer access.

    Starfall Review by Julia James. Pros: Fun and free! Cons: they don't want to stop Starfall Review by Lydia. Pros: intuitive, very easy for kids to use Cons: addictive. Starfall Review by Karen. Pros: easy and fun Cons: addictive. Other than my one reservation, it is an excellent resource!

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    8. Starfall Review by Kristen Romano. Pros: FREE! Cons: Repetitive. Starfall Review by Heather.

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      November 4, Starfall Review by Glenda W. Starfall Review by Nicole Hale. Pros: Free, easy to use Cons: no new content. Starfall Review by M Thomas. Pros: fun, easy to navigate Cons: none. Starfall is an educational alternative to other entertainment choices for children and is especially effective for special education, homeschooling, and English language development ELD, ELL, ESL.

      It is widely used in schools that serve children with special needs and learning difficulties. For each level there are drag and dropt exerices, a book and extras such as movies. Most learning activities seem to rather simple in design and to the point. Except for video animated presentations they are interactive and rely on various interface techniques. Most seem to use "drag and drop". Instructions are given by audio and are also sometimes written out. Below a screenshot that shows an activity where children have to complete a word with two letters "i" from the left and "d" from the right.

      The next activity as seen on a mobile phone requires the child to navigate the red block in position using the red arrow controls.


      The Starfall team continues to field-test methods, materials, and online content in schools across the United States. The page also points to an extensive bibliography used to inform the design.

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      There is some research that uses the Starfall environment, e. However, the SCWBI group demonstrated the most positive attitude toward decoding instruction, suggesting that the students preferred operating the on-line program on their own. Engagement has been seen as an important factor in the ability of a computer game to educate; however, in this study, the Starfall game was observed to be significantly more engaging, yet it did not produce a significant educational benefit. Jacuzzi Deck.

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