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I'm not aware of another book that manages to combine so much insight with such sheer, fun readability. All in all, it makes for a uniquely useful book for any Christian who is weary, bruised, or proud.

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This fresh, warm, honest, book did me good. It is richly filled with grace, informed by a gritty realism, and shot through with pastoral perceptiveness. There is something in it for every Christian man and woman at every stage of life.

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  • I am so glad someone wrote this book. It is easy for church service to degenerate into a burdensome exercise in works righteousness here is good news for anyone who wants to avoid betterness or burn-out. I m commending this to every elder, deacon and ministry elder in our congregation. John is married to Flick and they have two daughters, Daisy and Eliza.

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    Get Off Your Donkey! The Beginner's Bible. This book shows us what often happens in our hearts as we do "Christian serving"; points us to the greatest Servant of all; and transforms our view of ourselves so that we can serve long, hard sacrificially Related Products. Lysa TerKeurst. Titanic was not the first ship to issue an SOS message when it signaled its distress to Carpathia and other vessels. By many ships carried wireless equipment, but it was intended to serve mostly as a convenience to passengers who wanted to send communications to shore rather than as a navigational or safety device.

    Contrary to popular myth, Titanic was not the first ship to send an SOS call; they were in use perhaps since and certainly by Titanic sent the distress signal to multiple ships shortly after midnight on April 15, ; Carpathia arrived on the scene four hours later. Carpathia successfully dodged icebergs in its rescue efforts but ultimately could not evade German torpedoes.

    Serving without sinking - John Hindley | The Good Book Company

    Twelve years into its transatlantic career, and only two years after its heroic rescue of the only survivors of the Titanic disaster, Carpathia was requisitioned by the British government for use as a troopship during World War I. On July 17, , Carpathia was part of a convoy headed for Boston when it was attacked by a German submarine miles west of Fastnet. For the next 82 years Carpathia remained undisturbed in a watery grave, not unlike Titanic, until its remains were discovered by a team led by author Clive Cussler in feet of water some miles off the east coast of Ireland. The Carpathia is largely intact, upright where it sank 94 years ago in the service of its country.