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The material is presented in atlas format, with PLUS bonus materials you will not find This art book provides the following valuable information for the beginner: Create you base skin If you need light, medium and darker skin tones with a hint of the blotchy effect and a touch of mottling, For 18 inch dolls. Reminiscent of the old time baby dresses and bonnets!

With cute With cute Peter Pan collar! You can make either the pony tail hat or the pigtail hat to compliment the dress. This is perfect for Easter! Think in terms of light layers, it is better to achieve the effects you are after by applying multiple thin washes of colour, which retains the luminess quality natural to human skin, rather than painting on a thick heavy layer. The most important thing to note when discussing colours is the fact that while we look at a skin colour and describe it as a single colour, the reality is that it is actually a combination of colours.

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And the ratios in which those colours are combined are what influence the colour we see. It may sound complicated, but really it is just a question of training our eyes to see the colours within the colours. Sometimes we know what colour we are trying to achieve, but other times, we may just want to neutralize a colour.

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With that in mind, when applying your blush to begin with, you should always blend in a little green to neutralize it from the start, which will result in a softer more natural effect. Always bear in mind the strength of these colours. Genesis paints are very heavily pigmented, which means a touch will go a very long way, and certain colours are naturally We will take a look at 3 different brands of doll kits, each having a heavy cast of one colour or another. I will demonstrate how you can use the colour wheel along with your paints and your trained eye to bring all three heads to a neutral colour.

From a neutral base you can then go one to create a variety of skin tones. Another advantage is you will now have the ability to mix and match various body parts from different manufacturers, without the worry of the parts looking like they do not belong. An example is shown above where the doll head and limbs had a strong peach colour and the tummy plate had a strong pink colour.

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By applying these techniques and neutralizing the colours, I was able to get all body parts blend with one another. A very handy trick when you have as many bits and pieces of kits lying around as I do! Understanding your Colour Wheel Here are examples of simple colour wheels. I recommend using something similar to the ones pictured here, so as not to confuse things.

Note how each colour has a colour directly opposite from it on the wheel.

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This opposing colour represents its colour opposite, the value needed to neutralize or counter that colour. Even within a single colour there will be other colour influences present. It is helpful to take note of this sometimes, as it helps to recognize these hidden values.

Lets begin with 3 different heads, each very heavily cast in a various colour. Look closely to see if you can identify the predominant colour within each.


To bring each of these vinyl colours to a more neutral skin colour, I need to find the opposite of each colour on the colour wheel. Vinyl 1 we determined was a cool pink and therefore the opposite on the colour wheel is Bluish Green. Vinyl 2 is a peach colour and its opposite is Blue.

Here are several of the colours I use when painting Caucasian skin tones. I begin with Odourless Thinner and Glazing Medium and then add Flesh 07, which is a wonderful starting point because it is a very neutral flesh colour. I use the same initial colour for vinyl 2 except this time I will add Blue to neutralize the peach tone.

With vinyl 3 I begin with the same initial pain blend as with the previous two and to that I will add Purple, again you could blend a purple yourself, making sure to add a stronger blue value to it. You can tell how little paint you need in order to tint your base flesh blend. There is just a tiny amount of Green on the tip of my paintbrush.

Hopefully you can see the very subtle different between all three base flesh blends. Apply your base flesh colour as you normally would, using a brush or sponge technique. The idea is always to apply very thin washes of colour in multiple layers if need be. Notice the differences between the left and right side of each head.

This gives you an idea of how the colour has changed. Having neutralize the strong hues present in each vinyl colour, notice how all three heads are much more similar to one another in their base colour. Now from this neutral starting point, you can then go on to create whichever skin colouring you desire. ShelleyS jonespublishing. Senaca Co Rd Tiffin, Ohio. Picking up where we left off, we blend in all the pieces we added except the chin. We will add this again after we blend in the bottom lip. Pieces blended and I am starting to build the eyebrow and making the eye socket smaller so I can build the eyelids.

With your cup silicone tool create the nostril as shown here. Just place the cup end, thin end near the nostril and gently push around. I have blended in the eyebrow and added some check mass here. I have also toyed around with the mouth a bit. This is very important. Babies have small jaws and usually their lower lip is tucked under their upper lip. This gives your baby doll a more baby-ish look still. A side view. We still have to add the forehead for our head to look more human and more correct.

To achieve the most newborn look, remember to build cheek mass and check it from the side as well. If it is flat your baby will look like a little old man… unless you are going for a preemie look. The closed eyes are actually an upper and lower eyelid, just like in real life. I have now blended in the eyelids. The chubbier the baby, the bigger this pad is.

As the child grows older it recedes to a gentle curve. Make sure yours is prominent if you are going for a newborn look, and when look at from the bottom up head tilted back, looking from the chin up it forms a straight slope and not a curve. Here we add the forehead. Blend it in carefully. We will re-work it later. Ask the Reborner I have reborn only a few doll sculpts, I am still learning a lot..

I have had a little trouble getting a correct skin colour when I use the newborn pink flesh toned kits.

They come out with a little purple, blue grey undertone, which makes them look like they are dead. How would I achieve a much healthy, natural skin tone? I did a followup question regarding what colors were used, and what painting medium was selected. Here is the response: I use genesis heat set paints. I then layer with a pre mix of flesh. I do not use the odorless thinners with my paints I use the thinning medium mixed with the colour of choice aprox half thinning medium to half colour.

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I do two to four layers of flesh colour on the pink vinyl. After this I use the warm brown blush and very lightly with a paint brush pounce this over the doll. Then I do the same with the red. If the doll is the newborn pink vinyl, I use very little red and more warm brown.

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I use a heat gun to set each layer, and place all the parts the oven at the end of the paint job. Here are two things to think about. On the facial features of the doll sculpt, I would avoid using the blue or purple colors exterior painting work. If you want the bluish undertones on the facial areas, apply that coloring on the inside of the head sculpt. Instead consider to apply those colors to the inside of the head, or consider a lavender or light wine color.

For the remainder of the doll, if the pink vinyl is reacting adversely to the flesh, browns and reds, then I believe you will need to start the process with a different base set of colors. A translucent color base used with sponges to apply each layer will give you a skin tone which looks natural, and using the odorless thinner will give you a translucent base, so that each sponge applied layer will be allowed to show portions through to the layers beneath.

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