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Based on these early successes, Maccia launched dozens of additional teams both to build on these new approaches, and to tackle additional opportunities — all of which contributed to tripling the business in three years.

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The centerpiece for focusing on results however is to actually achieve them, in short bursts, and then to do it over and over again. If leaders can build that way of thinking into their organizations, it will go a long way towards building a high-performance culture. There is a brief quiz at the end of the book to assess the teams you are currently working with. If you want your people to produce great results, you must have their trust. She has led numerous successful initiatives in companies where leadership was the key to altering the company's future.

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This book gives practical tools to develop oneself in empowering conversations and developing our own and others leadership. It starts with a discussion of brain science so the reader can understand the physical connection to emotional responses and therefore our leadership skills. Any aspiring leader should start by tackling the basics of human motivation. Anderson and William A. It's comprehensive enough to actually include everything from every previous model, yet presented in an easy to understand manner. The writing holds the reader's attention with stories and concrete examples.

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For new, aspiring or long-tenured leaders, this book is a must. I read this three times last year.

Olson shares that your philosophy creates your attitude, your actions and your results, which ultimately create your life. Olson shares that the keys to your success come from the habits of your daily activities compounded over time. It helps you become more productive, competitive and outward looking. Whether you are a brand new manager, a manager with experience but lacking training or a trained manager looking for a skills refresh.

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Workshops and masterclasses. Improve productivity and skills Workshops and masterclasses. Supporting and improving your team. Improving your workplace. Create efficient ways of working. Ah yes, data — both measurable and immeasurable data — will fuel clear decision-making.

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It is critical for senior leadership and middle managers to engage their employees in data collection from within the company. In other words, roll up your sleeves and prepare to take notes. Next we will look at the data that will come from customers. With our method of execution, I advise all employees to talk to customers — as after employees, customers are the next biggest source of data that you can use to guide the growth of your organization. This habit will give you a baseline for current and future decisions, including when making a hire, sharing praise and when giving constructive criticism.

Your purpose needs to be more than just making money. Does everyone in your organization know your brand strategy, including the three main brand promises?

21 Laws Of Leadership Business Motivation

In order to move forward together, everyone must be aligned. Think of your organization as if it were a machine. In order for the machine to work flawlessly, all parts must work well and work together. This habit basically boils down to having scoreboards everywhere! We encourage you to have your goals, metrics, and plans up around the company for everyone to see, keep track of and remain engaged with. Similarly make sure your core values and purpose are also posted throughout your firm so everyone has access to it.

At Gung Ho! This ensures we are aligned. While the habits are listed in no particular order and you can start with whichever you want, we give our clients one rule —they must start with Rockefeller Habit 1 : The executive team is healthy and aligned.

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It is near impossible to implement any of the other habits without checking off Habit 1 first. Once that is realized and your team is ready to go i. Start with the habits that will have the most immediate benefits and over the next 24 to 36 months, you will have been able to get through all 10 habits. Outside of Rockefeller Habit 1, the order is up to you.