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  7. They could not contact their families without risking detection and capture. Day after day they ran scared, perceiving a threat around every corner and behind every stare.


    For most, this kind of life was not worth living. Some of the fugitives turned themselves in to find peace of mind. Others, when caught, breathed deep sighs of relief.

    No Peace For The Wicked

    In a way all people are fugitives from God. He has first claim to our lives, our freedom, our gifts, and our talents since He created us. I am so weary of running from You and never knowing the abundant life that Christ promised. Help me, O Lord, to flee into Your loving arms.

    No Peace for the Wicked

    The year was The place was France. Among the stolen jewels was a fabulous carat blue diamond, named the French […].

    No Peace For The Wicked

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