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So we can increase our faith in God by acting on our desire to have faith in Him.

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We can also increase our faith by praying to Heavenly Father about our hopes, desires, and needs see Alma — But we must not suppose that all we have to do is ask. The following story is about a man whose faith was shown by his works. This man wanted to study the scriptures, but he could not read. He prayed for Heavenly Father to help him learn to read. In time a teacher came to his village, and he asked the teacher to help him.

He learned the alphabet. He studied sounds and learned to put the letters together to make words. Soon he was reading simple words.

Why Should We Have Faith in Jesus Christ?

The more he practiced, the more he learned. He thanked the Lord for sending the teacher and for helping him learn to read. This man has increased his faith, humility, and knowledge to such a degree that he has served as a branch president in the Church. Faith involves doing all we can to bring about the things we hope and pray for. Men have often misunderstood and have reversed the process. We want to have prosperity without paying our tithes.

We want to have rain in due season and to have peace in the land without observing the Sabbath as a holy day and without keeping the other commandments of the Lord.


Kimball [], An important way to increase our faith is to hear and study the word of the Lord. We hear the word of the Lord at our Church meetings. We can study His word in the scriptures.

Matthew Bible Study - #1 - Introduction to Matthew's Gospel

Through the gift of faith, miracles are wrought, angels appear, other gifts of the Spirit are given, prayers are answered, and men become the sons of God see Moroni —26, 36— All these appear when faith appears on the earth, and disappear when it disappears from the earth; for these are the effects of faith. This three-volume set will be invaluable to anyone who wants to gather their thoughts in preparation for Sunday worship, or for regular Bible study throughout the year.

  1. 10 Facts About the Gospel of John.
  2. Overview of Matthew 24.
  3. What Is Faith?!
  4. Responding to theories that Jesus was married, fathered children, divorced and then remarried and other claims that the doctrine of the Virgin Birth has caused the oppression of women, Tom Wright outlines these arguments and presents solid reasons for discounting the theories. This volume discusses Matthew 1— Part two of John for Everyone dives into the scriptural text of the Gospel of John, chapters 11— Renowned scholar N. Wright brings us the latest volumes in his acclaimed For Everyone series of New Testament commentaries: Acts for Everyone , parts one and two.

    Part one covers chapters 1— Sample Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Part two covers chapters 13— Writing in an anecdotal and approachable style, N. Wright helps us to see the great sweep of the letter to the Romans. This long-awaited two-volume addition to the hugely popular For Everyone series will be ideal for daily Bible study, a preaching aid, or for those readers who are looking to deepen their understanding of this classic New Testament book.

    Paul for Everyone: Romans, pt. Writing in an approachable and anecdotal style, N. Wright helps us to understand from the beginning of the letter, that something unexplained, yet terrible had happened. We feel the pain of Paul from the very opening lines, as he confronts dreadful issues of sorrow and hurt, emerging with a clearer picture of what it meant to say that Jesus himself suffered for us and rose in triumph.

    The letter itself moves through tragedy and from there leads into the sunlight. Paul wrote the letters while in prison facing possible death, but their passion and energy are undimmed. Wright helps us to see the pastoral nature of these three letters. They are not just instruction books for junior disciples, but a guide to a way of life, and in many ways appropriate to all Christians. Two strands in particular run through the letters.

    Lesson 2 -The Great Tribulation of Matthew 24

    First, Paul is anxious that those who profess the faith should allow the gospel to transform the whole of their lives, right down to the deepest parts of their personality. Second, he is anxious that every teacher of the faith should know how to build up the community in mutual support, rather than tear it apart through the wrong sort of teaching and behavior. Wright helps us to find our way round the letter to the Hebrews, one of the most bracing and challenging writings in the New Testament. He acknowledges that people often find it difficult, because some of the ideas it contains are strange to us.

    This volume covers the entire book of Hebrews. Writing in an accessible style, N. A vital resource for every church and every Christian, these letters are full of clear, practical advice.

    Advance Preparation

    Written for those new to the faith, they warn of the dangers and difficulties a young church community would face both within and without, while reveling in the delight of budding faith, hope, and life. Today, these letters are just as relevant as they were 2, years ago. They continue to help Christians live with genuine faith in a complex modern age. Blending scholarly thinking with a conversational style, N. Wright helps us to negotiate the final book of the Bible, regarded by many as the most difficult to understand. This volume includes compelling translations of all the major prayers recorded in the New Testament, and offers profound insights into the teaching of Jesus and the apostles on the meaning and practice of prayer, with stimulating questions for personal reflection or group discussion.

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    2. Survey Studies in Reformed Theology?
    3. Works of N.T. Wright (48 vols.) | Logos Bible Software!
    4. In die Skriflig/In Luce Verbi.
    5. This volume makes a great place to deepen your understanding of prayer. Most people pray at least sometimes; some people, in many very different religious traditions, pray a great deal. At its lowest, prayer is shouting into a void on the off-chance there may be someone out there listening. At its highest, prayer merges into love, as the presence of God becomes so real that we pass beyond words and into a sense of his reality, generosity, delight, and grace.

      For most Christians, most of the time, it takes place somewhere in between those two extremes. To be frank, for many people it is not just a mystery but a puzzle. Wright divides his work into five main sections which discuss the wisdom of the spirit, the transformation of the self, the greatest of the virtues, the path of the disciple, and the renewal of the world. He offers compelling translations of key passages and insightful commentary on New Testament teaching on discipleship and the meaning of Christian love.

      Wright also includes stimulating questions for personal reflection or group discussion, making this an ideal resource for personal or group study. This helpful devotional resource is for fans of the For Everyone commentaries as well as for anyone who has not yet read them.

      The Gospels and The Synoptic Problem

      This book gently takes the reader through the designated lectionary readings for every day of Lent and Easter. This volume focuses on the Gospel of Mark, taking the reader through the designated lectionary readings for every day of Lent and Easter. The New Testament passages are done by N. Lent for Everyone: Mark Year B is an ideal study companion that will help to make Lent a period of rich discovery and growth for both individuals and groups. He is best known for his scholarly contributions to the historical study of Jesus and the New Perspective on Paul.

      His work interacts with the positions of James Dunn , E. Wright has written and lectured extensively around the world, authoring many books and numerous articles in scholarly journals and popular periodicals. He is best known for his Christian Origins and the Question of God series, of which four of the anticipated six volumes are finished. Wright 48 vols. Wright , Craig A. Evans , Troy A. Format: Digital.