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Comments The Good: Ghost Rider 9 was just a dreadful read. The absolutely only thing that I enjoyed about this issue was the fantastic artwork by Saltares and Texeira. Those guys rock hardcore. I love their style of art and it works great on a dark, grim and eerie title like Ghost Rider. For my money, nobody can draw Ghost Rider like Saltares and Texeira. The Bad: Ghost Rider 9 was just awful.

I mean truly terrible. It is absolutely stunning at how bad of a read Daniel Way has managed to consistently crank out each and every month on this title. What in the world is Way trying to do on this title? Way is like a blind man stumbling in the middle of a desert. The story on Ghost Rider is meandering and rambling around with no rhyme or reason. I have never seen a title that was so completely lacking any plot or direction. This is absolutely the worst way to start a new title. Way has failed to create a well plotted storyline that would hook a read other than a die hard Ghost Rider fan.

All we have gotten is that Lucifer has possessed hundreds of different people. That Ghost Rider is going to kill each possessed person and with each death Lucifer will get stronger and stronger until the last person is left and Lucifer will finally be at full strength. The Jacquard industry;: An economic survey of the fundamental factors in the local industry at Paterson, New Jersey.

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