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Despite similarities, a sales letter is different from a direct mail letter in these important ways: A direct mail letter is almost always a component of a mass mailing, whereas a sales letter is not. A sales letter can be aimed at as few as one or two prospects.

A sales letter is a more personalized form of communication. Sales people often use sales letters to follow-up with prospects after an initial meeting or telephone contact has been made. A direct mail letter aims for immediate sales action on the part of the prospect, but a sales letter often attempts to lay the groundwork for future sales by assisting in establishing a relationship with the prospect. Businesses That Use Sales Letters If you are selling a relatively inexpensive product or service, such as a magazine subscription or a carpet cleaning service, a direct mail letter is an appropriate marketing tool.

Plan B. Outline C. Write Plan Understand your prospect. Features Benefits 1. Write down any objections you think your potential customer might have about your product or service, then counter them: Decide what your immediate objective in writing your sales letter is.

Find all the sample letters you can and as you study them ask yourself the following questions: Does the first paragraph grab my attention?

Does it relate to my business needs? Is it easy or hard to put down? Is it enjoyable to read? What do I like best about this letter? What do I dislike about it? How would I improve it? Does this letter make me want to buy? Why or why not? Outline Outlines are useful tools for organizing ideas. Write your lead paragraph. The hook of your sales letter must: Appeal to a business need or human emotion. Begin selling your main benefit. Get to your hook quickly.

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Write a few sentences that describe additional benefits to the reader. Spell out the specific details of any special offer or a discount. Add a post-script. You can use a P. Example: P. Write Thanks to your extensive outline, the process of actually writing your letter should be fairly simple.

Consider enclosing a sales brochure in your sales letter that provides supplemental product information. The more expensive the product or service, the more likely face-to-face contact will be necessary to close a sale.

Single-space sentences, double-space between paragraphs, and use one-inch margins. This not only makes your letter look neat and professional, it also provides you more room for your message. Keep paragraphs short and use bullets to highlight points when you can. Both will help keep the pace of your letter quick and this will encourage your prospect to keep reading. Set up your letter properly.

Follow the guidelines below to write the perfect sales letter, then watch your profits soar!

A standard business letter consists of six basic parts: Heading — Your printed letterhead, and the date. Jones: Dear Ms. Save: People love to save money and time or anything with perceived value. Guarantee and Proven: Help eliminate feelings of risk. Results: People want to know what the outcome will be before they buy.

Automated Sales Letters – New Tech For A Classic Technique

Most businesses want to cut their long distance bills. Use action verbs such as save, evaluate, accomplish, improve, and discover. Edit your letter. Effective sales writing requires thorough editing. Edit for content. Examine your letter for appropriateness of content. Included in this examination is a study of the content for accuracy of details, relevance of facts, and appropriateness of subject matter in general. Always edit your letter for content before you edit it word by word because you may end up making significant rewrites after this step in the editing process.

Copy edit. Copy editing refers to the process of examining your letter for the quality of the writing, itself. Included in this process will be a study of word choice, punctuation, spelling and grammar. Edit by comparison.

How to write a $1,000 sales letter (that sells at all times of the day)

Compare your sales letter to the letters you found and saved earlier. Does your letter have the same impact and tone? Dear Ms.

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Island Long Distance offers: Delayed payment options during your off-peak months. Guaranteed rates for two years.

How To Write An Effective And Automated Sales Letter

Its purpose is to capture interest immediately and urge the prospect to continue reading. How do you do create an attention-grabbing headline like these magazine covers? We touched on this in Part 1 , and it is worth mentioning here again because your target audience research influences the entire writing process.

You need to dive into deeper emotional demographics that relate to the psychology of the prospect and their pain points, desires and needs. A simple headline example would be as follows:. These are good, but if you dig even deeper, you may discover some emotionally charged pain points like this:.

For example, if you are sending out letters, start with 25 and gauge the response. If the conversions are high, send the remaining If not, tweak your letter and send to another small group of You crafted a great headline and your prospects continue to read your emails and letters. Your first job is done. Your opening sentence is critical for conversions as it tells the prospect whether or not your letter is actually something they want to read.

It is the lead-in to the rest of the letter. I repeat, the opening sentence should not mention your company or its offer. I know you are offering an amazing discount and your services are best in the world, but adding promotional copy to the introduction will turn away prospects. Prospects only want to know how you can solve their problems and take away their pain.