Manual Contractor Combatants: Tales of an Imbedded Capitalist

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After getting his degree, Andress fell in with some ex-CIA operatives with whom he got into the competitive intelligence business. When the Iraq invasion occurred, Andress felt it was a continuation of the U. Racking his brains for good leads, Andress suddenly remembered a business associate he had previously worked with in the competitive intelligence business.

The company Andress was working for was American-Iraqi Solutions Group, whose primary business consisted of providing security services, construction, and life support-type services to Iraqi-based subcontractors. While busy working in one of the harshest environments, Andress still found time to write the foundation to Contractor Combatant: Tales of an Imbedded Capitalist , a memoir of his time in Iraq as a contractor.

Insightful and spellbinding, the book details his everyday existence in a war-torn country where you never know if the stranger you meet next will be hostile or hospitable.

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Writing a book was something he had wanted to do ever since his childhood, Andress said. Growing up, his father served in Vietnam and Andress said he became a student of the war at an early age. When his father returned from Vietnam, the family was living in D. In his research about Vietnam, Andress realized that practically no one besides the press was writing anything about the war itself. Everything written was done after the war, without anyone being able to make an impact. Describing the writing process, Andress said he wrote in a very condensed period of time, and he was able to finish the book in about eight months.

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It was a true catharsis. I came back with some stress, and writing helped me. And as a result, there was an energy inside of me that drove me to get it out. Although Andress had previously traveled extensively, in Iraq he always had a sense of being in an entirely unique place.

Contractor Combatants: Tales of an Imbedded Capitalist

It was truly anomalous. Being an American in Iraq also had its distinctive problems because of the different emotions the United States evoked, Andress said. Andress said Americans represented a new way out of what was truly a totalitarian, tyrannical dictatorship ,where death, rape and mutilation were everywhere and ever-present underneath the surface. However, conducting business in this part of the world was never easy, as the culture was vastly different to what most Westerners innately know. Andress said he believes his willingness to learn the language, participate in the Iraqi culture and seek out Iraqis were key to building successful relationships with the natives.

It was not the first time he chose that sort of approach: During his 10 years in Ukraine as a vodka importer, he rarely sought out other Americans to work with but instead spent most of his time with his Ukrainian partners.

Despite his dauntless attitude in dealing with unfamiliar, oftentimes dangerous situations, Andress said there were times when doubt crept up on him. I was always scared!

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If he is a better option than Blackwater then we really are in trouble. Good day! The interview and comments from Mr.

Carter Andress

Andress are interesting. He appears articulate and intelligent. I fully support our troops and the mission to bring stability and democracy to Iraq while returning our troops home ASAP.

However, the definition of combatant contractor still is a euphemism for a mercenary to many people, especially in the Mid East. An Imbedded Capitalist combatant contractor makes it clear that the mission is about money and not some altruistic crusade.

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The imbedded combatant contractor wants and needs this struggle to be prolonged as long as possible to continue profiting from the conflict. Andress cleverly sells parts of his abilities with implied skills and stories to his audience. Now he has substituted experience and relevant skills needed to rebuild Iraq and bring our troops home with his self promotion and salesmanship.