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Thirdly, I have no idea why you didn't join this forum sooner! The content of your book seems to coincide perfectly with one of The Pack's goals: to deconstruct werewolves and the myths behind them. It's such an amazing coincidence, and I, for one, am glad that you are a part of our community! And everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon. I'd largely been away from forums as a whole Pretty awesome looking up what everyone has been saying about what makes a werewolf Anyway, I'm here now and thanks for your comments and welcoming me.

Lol, I understand the duckies! And yes I have to say I find it all very interesting, I'll try to order a copy.

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Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories. Believe me, I was SO excited to get my paws on a copy when I first heard you were working on this project. I totally NEED one. Amazing artwork. It's certainly not easy, and I am having a VERY hard time even explaining my work to people in real life who see the hard copy.

Most of them don't understand why I, a woman, would do something like this Even so, it has been disheartening to showcase the book to people in person and I don't go out of my way to tell people about it in real life. On-line folks are so much more interested and understanding, it's just too bad I can't show you guys in person.

And I hate when people see the book and say Yes I am marketing with furries in mind as a major source of sales, but it is absolutely not a furry book. It's for those who loves were-creatures of many kinds mainly predator canine and feline kinds.

Anatomy of a Werewolf: A Classic Tale of Madness, Tragedy, and Triumph

It's unfortunate so many people saw CSI and now attribute any kind of anthropormorphic work as "furry. What gives? Beautiful artwork aside I know, I'm gushing, but as an artist myself I worship the way you catch the personality and characters of your werewolves -- a talent beyond mere technical skill. It's so difficult to find information about werewolves outsite of a foot note in a horror encyclopedia or somesuch; maybe because there's not enough werewolf fans publishing their work.

But this is like one big gift from one dedicated werewolf fan to another. You don't know what it means to hear that I'm just unfortunately broke. At least I can admire it on youtube a little. Welcome to the pack. I've been thinking about it for a while, and thought I'm no artist, the desire to snag one all the same jsut to appreciate the art itself has been creeping up on me.

And this might just be the item that will rekindle my old interests, and have me reaching for a good, mechanical pencil again. I know the market is hard right now and everyone is pinching pennies because it's so hard. And I hate that the book has to be so pricey but I've really had no choice.

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Hence the CD option. But I don't plan to ever quit the printing so as long as there is interest I will always have the books available. Some experts have tried to observe it as purely supernatural phenomena while others have relied on scientific observations.

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Contradictions and debates still persist and will continue till any single theory solves the jigsaw which seems unlikely considering complexity and diversity of the topic. M ythological Explanation of Werewolf Phenomenon. Some people during middle ages believed that the werewolf was the projection of a demon, which made its victims appear as a wolf in his own eyes and to those around him.

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For others, the werewolf was a direct manifestation of the Devil. Robert Burton, the clergyman and scholar, considered lycanthrope to be a form of madness as mentioned in his book Anatomy of Melancholy in ; he blamed every thing from sorcerers and witches to poor diet, bad air, sleeplessness and even lack of exercise for this. He saw the human body as a subject to magnetic and nervous influences and capable of receiving the wounds suffered by the metamorphosed shape.

Contrary to the popular explanations existed during middle ages, few doctors at that time asserted that it was caused by an excess of melancholy or an imbalance in humors, the liquid or fluid part of the body. Many doctors believed that such melancholy could lead to insanity and delusion. One physician recommended that the lycanthrope should be treated with baths, purging, bleeding, dietary measures and rubbing opium into the nostrils.

S cientific Explanation of Werewolf Phenomenon:. Food contamination. The diet of medieval peasants may have been a source of werewolf delusions.

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Ergot infection on food grains like wheat and rye was common in Europe during the middle ages. This is actually a fungus which grows in place of grains in wet seasons after very cold winters. Alkaloids of this fungus are chemically related to LSD LysergicAcid Diethylamide, a strong hallucinogenic psychoactive drug which produces dreamlike changes in mood and thought and alters the perception of time and space.

It can create lack of self-control, extreme terror and blurring the feeling between the individual and the environment. Similar to this modern drug, Ergot poisoning results in hallucinations , mass hysteria and paranoia. Continuous exposure to this contamination through bread or other food items could contribute to either an individual believing he is a werewolf or a whole town believing that they have seen a werewolf.


A recorded Ergot poisoning case confirms this hypothesis. Nearly people had to be hospitalized and 6 died poisoning in the French town of Pont St. Esprit in They ate bread made from Ergot infected rye. The victims had horrible visions of being attacked by tigers and snakes and of turning into beasts. However, Ergot contamination is not sufficient enough as a single cause to explain lycanthropy; werewolf appearance have been reported from other parts of the world where Ergot infection is rare.

Substance Induced Hallucination. Recorded werewolf cases and contemporary literatures mention rubbing magic ointment on the skin or inhaling vapor from magic potion by the alleged lycanthrope.

The main ingredients of the ointment or potion were Belladonna or Nightshade that could produce hallucination and delusions of bodily metamorphose. Physical or Mental Illness. One branch of modern physicians refers lycanthropes as suffering from any of the five conditions; Rabies , Porphyria, Hypertrichosis, Body Image Distortion and psychological illness. A strain of virus carried by dogs, wolves and other animals including vampire bats causes Rabies. Usually the patient dies within three or four days of first symptom.

The second disease, Porphyria is a rare genetic disorder that results in a deficiency of heme, one of the pigments in the oxygen-carrying red blood cells.