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It also suggests there may be hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor.

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On earth, life spawns around ocean floor vents, despite the lack of oxygen and searing temperatures, raising the possibility that the same might happen elsewhere in the solar system. Other moons, like Saturn's biggest moon, Titan, or Jupiter's moon, Europa, may also harbour these building blocks of life, and these research projects contribute more base reference points for future space missions to find out.

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Iceland's Dr Farrant said: "Similar types of metabolisms are expected to occur in both places. Europa presents the conditions for life to emerge. More from Astronomy and Astrophysics.

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Discovery Channel treasure hunter says he’s found evidence of alien visit

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Hidden lake discovery sheds light on alien hunt

This sleek new smart watch with day battery life costs half as much as an Apple Watch By Maren Estrada 21 hours ago. Or is the widespread interest in this raid a good barometric read on how frustrated people are that the government appears to be hiding something there? I don't know very much about Area 51, but I can say that the intense interest in the goings on there related to aliens reveals a deep public interest in what kinds of life might exist elsewhere in the universe. Have you yourself ever tried to do any real research into the happenings in Area 51? Not Area 51, exactly.

The closest I've come was a talk I heard by a physicist describing the fascinating science carried out by the military back in the late s, especially Project Mogul , which launched microphones on balloons to see if they could detect nuclear testing going on in the Soviet Union.

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  4. It's an amazing story of physics and engineering ingenuity. When one of those balloons with its disc microphones and radar reflectors landed in a farm in Roswell, New Mexico it helped fuel the whole alien craze we're still living with today.

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    It's a shame, because the science-fiction-inspired "aliens" conspiracy theory is — from my standpoint — so much less fascinating than the story of the research that was going on then. There was a time when the federal government provided researchers with money to search for — and teach about the search for — extraterrestrial life. And you've lamented that that is no longer the case.

    If you had your way, how much money do you think the federal government should give America's researchers to search for aliens or evidence of aliens?